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S & S Paving is also responsible for the safe collection, transportation, and treatment of wastewater generated by the community. Let us know if you are dealing with issues like


Comprehensive Treatment

Our wastewater services include efficient treatment processes that remove contaminants, ensuring cleaner water for reuse or safe discharge into the environment.

Environmental Preservation

We follow sustainable practices and promote water conservation to help mitigate pollution, fostering a healthier environment.

Regulatory Compliance

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your wastewater management is in line with legal requirements and environmental standards.

Customized Solutions

We work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that address your specific needs and optimize the efficiency of your wastewater management.

Septic System Maintenance

Our proactive approach follows efficient septic system maintenance services, including regular inspections, pumping, and repairs.

Stormwater Management

We help design and implement systems that manage stormwater runoff, reducing the risk of flooding, erosion, and water contamination.



Assessment and Analysis

We conduct a thorough assessment of your wastewater needs, analyzing the composition and volume of wastewater to develop a tailored solution.


Treatment and Purification

We employ effective treatment methods to remove contaminants and purify the wastewater, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


Resource Recovery and Disposal

By focusing on sustainable practices, we recover valuable resources from the wastewater and dispose of the treated water to minimize environmental impact.

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36 Years of Experience
Customer-centric approach

State of the Art Technology

By leveraging advanced technologies, we deliver high-quality wastewater services, ensuring optimal treatment and resource recovery.

Maintain Environmental Stability

We prioritize eco-friendly approaches, aiming to minimize the impact on water resources and ecosystems.

What our client Says

We aim to drive you forward safely and build strong relationships with our clients. That’s why, we are dedicated to delivering superior paving services that make a difference in Arizona. Look at a few testimonials to get more idea about our services.
“We are impressed with their wastewater services as their team has exceptional knowledge and professionalism throughout the process.”
Emily R
“Choosing them for our wastewater needs was a game-changer. Their innovative approach to environmental sustainability aligned perfectly with our values.”
Scot K

Frequently Ask Question

Proper wastewater management is important to consider as it protects water resources, prevents pollution, maintains public health, and ensures the sustainability of ecosystems.
Yes, we offer comprehensive services for residential wastewater systems, including septic system maintenance, inspections, repairs, and replacements.
Well, the duration of wastewater treatment varies depending on the volume, composition, and specific treatment processes required. We strive for efficiency without compromising quality.
Wastewater recycling helps conserve water resources, reduces demand for fresh water supplies, lowers wastewater disposal costs, and supports sustainable water management practices.
We employ a combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove contaminants from wastewater, including solids, organic matter, and harmful substances.
Absolutely. We have expertise in industrial wastewater treatment, addressing the unique challenges posed by different industries to ensure compliance with regulations and protect the environment.
Yes, we prioritize environmentally friendly elements in our wastewater services. We employ sustainable practices, promote resource recovery, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
Contact our team and we will guide you through the process. We will assess your specific needs, develop a tailored solution, and provide you with a comprehensive plan and cost estimate.