Terms & Conditions

  1. Scope of Work:

    • Describe the services your company provides, such as asphalt paving, concrete work, resurfacing, repair, etc.
  2. Pricing and Payment Terms:

    • Provide details about pricing, payment methods accepted, payment schedules, and any applicable taxes or fees.
  3. Project Schedule:

    • Outline the estimated start and completion dates for the project, and mention any factors that may affect the timeline.
  4. Warranty:

    • Specify the warranty period for the completed work, what it covers, and any conditions or limitations.
  5. Materials and Equipment:

    • Describe the materials and equipment that your company will use for the project, along with any specifications or alternatives.
  6. Permits and Approvals:

    • Clarify who is responsible for obtaining necessary permits and approvals for the project.
  7. Changes and Amendments:

    • Describe the procedures for handling changes to the project scope, pricing, or other terms, and mention any associated fees or processes.
  8. Liability and Insurance:

    • Explain the liability coverage your company provides and any additional insurance requirements for the project.
  9. Indemnification:

    • Include an agreement stating that the client will be held harmless from any claims or liabilities arising from the project.
  10. Termination Clause:

    • Specify the conditions under which either party can terminate the contract and the consequences of such termination.
  11. Dispute Resolution:

    • Outline the process for resolving any disputes that may arise during the project.
  12. Governing Law:

    • State the jurisdiction under which the terms and conditions are governed.

Remember to customize each section according to your company’s specific offerings and policies. It is essential to have a legal professional review and finalize the terms and conditions to ensure they comply with applicable laws and regulations in your location.